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Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Postpartum Support

I love helping families during this sensitive period. My support includes but is not limited to : 

  • Help take care of you and your baby so you can rest, shower, eat and take care of yourself and spend time with older siblings. 

  • Take care of other siblings so you can spend more time with your baby 

  • Help with light household tasks

  • Help with errands, grocery shopping, simple meal preparation.

  • Breastfeeding education and assistance, including troubleshooting problems, answering questions, and learning how to use your pump and introducing bottles at the right time.

  • Guidance on newborn care, soothing techniques, safe sleep, baby-wearing, cloth diapering if needed.


Overnight Care:

From 10 pm to 6 am

Day time care (limited availability)

Minimum 4 hours are required)




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