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          Placenta Encapsulation 


Mothers report that consuming the placenta can boost energy levels.  There are currently no evidence-based studies that prove the benefits of consuming the placenta. All findings of benefits are anecdotal. By a report of Mothers that have experienced this form of medicine, it is strongly suggested that ingesting the iron-rich placenta may be a good first line of defense against postpartum mood problems. This is not to say that placentophagia is a cure or treatment for established mental health problems, nor should it replace any medically-prescribed treatment – but can be used to limit or prevent postpartum depressive symptoms.

Placenta encapsulation is a process in which, immediately following the birth of your baby, your placenta is dehydrated and ground into a coarse powder, I follow the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method in which the placenta is lightly steam with powerful tonic and warming elements such as ginger, lemon, and medicinal spices, then placed into small capsules that look exactly just like any other vitamin.

I can also use the raw method in which the steaming step of the traditional Chinese method is omitted. 

How does placentophagia help postpartum depression?

Postpartum iron-deficiency (anemia) can cause postpartum depression and anxiety.  The placenta contains a boost of easily-absorbable iron. Fatigue is one of the major causes of postpartum depression,


 Premium Package: $350 ( There is a discounted price for birth/postpartum doula clients )  

  • Pick up / delivery

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine method or raw method of encapsulation

  • Placenta print keepsake

  • Cord keepsake

  • Placenta tincture 

  • 3 days smoothie (delivered in three frozen packs two days postpartum )

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